Top Rank Tattoo

Located at 71 Albany Avenue. Bright. Bold. Clean. 


We here at Top Rank Tattoo want to make sure that you have the safest and best possible tattoo experience.

We kindly ask that you follow the below COVID-19 guidelines:

  • Please wear a mask when entering the building/shop (nose/mouth coverage), or be able to provide us proof of vaccination.

  • If you feel under the weather in any ways that show Covid 19 symptoms or general illness that could affect the other employees and clients we ask that you please call ahead and reschedule. We will get back in as soon as possible. This includes: cough, shortness of breath, fever, nausea, dizziness. 

  • Please call or DM the shop ahead of time before coming in for a same day tattoo appointment. As to endure the safety of others and take all precautions. Contact us for more info.


Tyler Mate

Tyler learned to tattoo in Brooklyn, New York and loves the look of bold classic tattoos. Check out his personal Instagram for more Tattoos @tmatetattoo


upcoming guest artists

At Top Rank Tattoo, we pride ourselves in having a diverse range of guest tattoo artists from all over the country.

Matt Emel | July 6th - 10th & August 27th

Shiro Aoki | July 6th -  14th

Fernando Lions | July 8th

Whitney Luedtke | July 30th & 31st

Seagh Mulligan | August 12th - 14th

More upcoming 2022 events and guest artists to be announced soon!

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