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- $100.00 deposits are required for all custom work (custom work includes total rendering of a reference and image). This $100.00 comes of of the final completed tattoo. 

- For general booking, please call the shop or DM us on Instagram. 

- Upon booking please send  all references to our email ( - Please make sure to send us the clearest image possible. No more than 2-3 images needed.

- If for whatever reason you need to cancel, please notify us at least an hour before your appointment. See COVID-19 guide lines for further cancellation policies.

- All deposits are non refundable if you cancel, otherwise we will reschedule you and it will go towards your next appointment.  


- Each guest artist has their preferred way  of booking. We will announce and promote via all of our social medial platforms.  

- Guest artist deposits are non refundable if you cancel.

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